Really Fantastic Hashbrowns

A big shout out to the Shantina for this product recommendation, Golden Grill Hashbrowns.  They are freeze-dried (don’t give up yet) so they don’t take up freezer space.  Simply add boiling water, let sit 12 minutes and then pan fry.  They are fabulous and taste the same as frozen.  They are a blend of hearty shreds and specially combined seasoned potatoes that can be served in loose shred or patty format.  They have a faster grill time and higher yield. No artificial colours or flavour.  The carton says it serves 7 but it really serves 4 – all that fresh air works up an appetite!  I found them at Costco.

A New Low Alcohol Wine Cooler

I have been looking for a light, refreshing cocktail for “in between” lunch and happy hour and I think I have found a great solution.  Casal Domingo is a non-alcoholic, wine-based cooler (0.5% alc./vol.) that has 110 calories per bottle.  Their website, which needs works, states that it comes in 8 flavours but I have only been able to find the Mix Pak which contains 3 flavours, Peach Fantasy, Wild Harvest Berry and Tropical Splash.  A box of 12 is available at Superstore in the beverage aisle with the “near beer” and retails for $16.

My New Summer (under 100 calories) Cocktail

Always the optimist, I decided that the slow start to the summer this year would give me plenty of time to search the aisles of my favourite grocery stores to come up with some new snacks and beverages.  I am happy to report that I think I have hit this one out of the park.  I don’t have a name for it yet but have enjoyed quite a few.  As I write this I am anchored in Bedwell Bay (the one in Indian Arm not the one with the great spa) and I have decided I should write down the ingredients pronto. Continue reading

Chef Prudhomme Prawns

Our very good friends were vacationing in New Orleans and discovered this amazing spice and, as good friends do, they shared it with us.  It is called Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Blackened Redfish Magic, not too spicy just a traditional Southern Louisiana combination of flavours that is a perfect blend for any type of seafood. Continue reading