Missy's Famous Margarita Recipe

I have been working on this recipe for years.....really. There has been a lot of testing and discussion, and each time we perfected it, well, you guessed it, no one wrote it down!
Missy's Famous Margarita Recipe

Easy Breezy Stuffed Artichokes - Toaster Oven Style

artichoke dip
This quick and easy appetizer is a crowd pleaser and shows that you put a little more thought into the dock party than a bag of Miss Vickie's!

Stay Cold Margarita Glasses

Winner of the “best outdoor boozy slushie glass” three years running. Hands stay warm and dry; margarita stays ice cold. Mic drop.
margarita in a glass

Fun Read

Tequila Mockingbird book cover
"Gone With The Gin", and "Are You There God? It's Me Margarita."

Published Article

"The World Needs More Phil Collins" - Northwest Yachting Magazine

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"Stop trying to fix everything; you're not tequila."
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