A Cleansing Tea After Too Much Fun

Every summer it seems I go a little overboard, pun intended, with too much food and too much wine.  By the time September arrives I am trying to squeeze back into my fall clothes, thank goodness for the bulky sweaters.  Recently I found a new product called get clean, herb tea for detoxing No. 7, from The Republic of Tea in Novato, California.  I am not one for concoctions, well except those that got me into this mess, but I read the label and it bears repeating.

“Had too much of a good thing?  Feeling out of balance, a bit heavy or puffy?  Then it’s time to get clean.  This gentle herbal blend helps the body help itself as it stimulates the liver, one of our natural cleansing mechanisms.  Based on organic rooibos, it includes milk thistle seeds to sweep toxins away.  Both dandelion and burdock roots help wake up the liver and get things flowing.  Their cleansing  properties encourage healthy digestion and help to keep the kidneys flushed.  We’ve also added red clover and Indian sarsaparilla, both known as effective tonics and purifiers.  Finally a good thing you should indulge in.”

I have just made myself a cup and it’s good.  It has a hint of vanilla and almond but it’s very subtle.  I was able to find a selection of the teas at Chapters bookstore but a tin of 36 tea bags goes for $14.00.  A bit steep, another pun intended, but well worth it if I can slip into my skinny jeans by Monday!

The company takes tea very seriously as they do fair trade and giving back to the community.  They have a really fun website at http://www.republicoftea.com/ .  The highlight of this company is the packaging, each tin is artistic and entertaining.

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