Back Deck Mani/Pedi

There is nothing more relaxing than watching your nail polish dry while sitting on the back deck in the sun.  I have a couple of recommendations for this summer starting with the Joe Fresh Easy Dispenser Nail Polish Remover ($4).  The container is perfect for boating as it can tip over and it won’t spill, the one click product dispenser puts just enough nail polish remover on your cotton ball or makeup pad.  If you are looking for something a little stronger (think 100% pure acetone for that hard to remove OPI Nicki Minaj Collection), Walmart now carries mini bottles of the Onyx Professional Nail Polish Remover ($3).  If you are looking for something that takes up even less space, try the Vi-Jon Extra Thick Felt Nail Polish Remover Pads ($3) also available at Walmart.  And for a professional finish to your mani/pedi try the Fran Wilson Nail Tees Precision Beauty Tool ($3 London Drugs), these cotton swabs have a pointed tip for precision touch-ups.  Everyone loves a spa day!

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