What To Wear, Spring Cleaning and a New App

If you are like me, you own a couple of different wardrobes. Casual, work, bling, and boating – in all 4 seasons – and multiple sizes.  Some clothes cross over so it’s not like you can just have separate closets and, after a while, it can all become a blur.  You know you have a…

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Race To Alaska

This is a great story about three people  who met at the Silva Bay Shipyard School on Gabriola Island.  They are rowing/sailing from Port Townsend to Ketchikan, Alaska starting June 4, 2015.  Team Barefoot Wooden Boats believes that “the closer ones experience with nature, the stronger their connection to it, and less likely that it…

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Look for Drift Cards Floating up on Vancouver Beaches

On August 26th researchers at the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, the Georgia Strait Alliance and Friends of the San Juans (USA) teamed up with the City of Vancouver to simulate an oil spill on the Fraser River and in Burrard Inlet.They released over 1,000 biodegradable, yellow, plywood drift cards, each marked with a unique serial number. …

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The Best Ice for your Boating Beverages

  I set out to discover which ice cube would last the longest in my glass.  I chose 4 different types, restaurant cubes, home-made cubes from a tray, giant ice balls and, of course, diamond shaped cubes.  I tried this experiment last year but, in true Missy fashion, I got to talking and when I…

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