A Cool Pad for Your Cool Dog

I was recently at a dogshow and one of the vendors was selling a cooling pad for dogs. It seemed like a great idea but retailed for $90 which was a bit steep. I liked the idea so when I was back in front of my computer, I googled “cooling pads for dogs” and found thegreenpetshop.com They have created a line of eco-friendly products for animals including the Cool Pet Pad. It requires no electricity, water or refrigeration. The cooling pad is activated by your dog’s weight and recharges automatically after a short period of non-use or you can supercool it by putting it in the fridge.

I purchased a size large for my Irish Setter from Petsmart for CDN $54.99. The company sells them on-line for USD $ 24.99 – 84.99.

The galley on my boat stays much cooler than the back deck so I replaced the dog bed with the cooling pad and my dog didn’t hesitate. He lay down on the pad and was out like a light. We were anchored in a bay with no wind and the temperature was getting unbearable. All the humans tried out the pad and agreed it was the coolest spot on the boat. I think this is a great product to have on board.


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