Dry Your Hair Faster – Part 2

After I wrote about the hair drying gloves, I received a couple of emails from girlfriends who told me I could get the same effect by using an old t-shirt.  I phoned my go to hair girl, Emily at the Loft, and she confirmed that “in the day” many stylists to the stars claimed that the t-shirt material absorbed water from the hair.  Who knew?  I did a little more research and found Curl Cloths, made of a similar fabric, these cloths are designed to set curls without the frizz.  Rider up.  I couldn’t find a retailer in Canada so I ordered on-line, they cost $25 for 2 plus $10 for shipping.  It’s like a tube towel made of t-shirt fabric and you use it the same way as the drying gloves by simply scrunching your hair.  The results are quite similar however, I like the gloves better.  The Curl Cloths take up less room so I am going to put one on the boat and leave the gloves at home.  www.curlslikeus.com

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