Dry Your Hair Faster – Part 1

Mid-summer on the boat I am not about to fire up my hair dryer to straighten my hair.  It has a slight curl but if I leave it to its own demise, I end up with a frizzy mess that eventually goes into a pony tail.  I have tried different “curl” products (AG Recoil, Marc Anthony Strictly Curls) which reduce the frizz but don’t really add to the curl.  I was recently in London Drugs and found a product called Studio Dry Hair Drying Gloves, they look like giant muppet hands.  They use an exclusive Pile-Dry technology to cut your drying time, add a brilliant shine and leave you with softer, fuller curls.  They retail for $19.99 so I thought, why not (I have spent way more than that on product).

They claim that the gloves will only absorb water and not styling product so I washed my hair, added some Aveda Thickening Spray to the roots and some Morrocon Oil to the ends and scrunched away.  My hair is fine and I noticed that the drying time was greatly reduced, it’s quite amazing.  My hair felt fuller, not sure about shinier but the curls looked good.  This is definitely a product that I will put on my boat.

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