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For the past 20 years,  I have been cruising the Pacific Northwest in my 34 foot Bayliner "As You Wish". I manage to get out most weekends from April to October with a couple of one week visits to the Gulf Islands or Desolation.  I love a good dock party or a side-tie in a remote anchorage and live for flavourful snacks, fun cocktails, a stack of magazines and a healthy dose of dock talk.


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Missy & Jonathan

Hi! I'm Missy and this is my big red dog, Jonathan. I am a weekend warrior who loves to cruise the Pacific Northwest. I am a shopper and love cool products that actually work. My friends and I spend countless hours floating, sipping beverages and talking about what works and what doesn't. We didn't invent any of this stuff but we sure like to think we did.

Latest Posts

A Cool Pad for Your Cool Dog

I was recently at a dogshow and one of the vendors was selling a cooling pad for dogs. It seemed like a great idea but retailed for $90 which was a bit steep. I liked the idea so when I was back in front of my computer, I googled “cooling pads for dogs” and found…
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The Best Shower Head for your Boat

My boat has a regular shower head with a really sad “water saver” button, it is the third such shower head in about five years.  Every time you slide the water saver button across, water shoots out the side and the back so there is really no point in using it.  As well, when you…
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The Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit

You can use this kit to turn your watermelon into a drink dispenser.  How entertaining on the back deck or dock?!  The faucet combo is easily installed into a hollowed out watermelon.  The kit includes a coring tool to make the perfect size hole for the faucet.  I found the product at the Gourmet Warehouse…
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Dry Your Hair Faster – Part 2

After I wrote about the hair drying gloves, I received a couple of emails from girlfriends who told me I could get the same effect by using an old t-shirt.  I phoned my go to hair girl, Emily at the Loft, and she confirmed that “in the day” many stylists to the stars claimed that the…
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Cool Products

It includes a light and 37 pockets!!!
Price: $109.99

You cannot believe how comfortable these Fitflop shoes are!  I have a couple of different styles.  They even lasted 10 hours in the Boat Show booth!   It's crazy!!

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Keep your glass of wine cool on the back deck without watering it down.  Keep them in the freezer and drop them in your wine, they are oval shaped for round bottom glasses.

This website is great for nautical-themed boat wares.  Everything from bags, jewelery, rugs, bed, bath and dining.  With some very unique gifts for those hard to buy for boaters.

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My cousin Jeff wrote a book of poetry and it is really entertaining.
Price: $15.51

Just in case you have to get away to somewhere warm over the holidays!!
Price: CDN$ 80.21