Summer Boating Tips

Monday, June 20th, 2016 is the first day of summer!!  That’s less than one month away and the forecast looks fantastic.  Here are some tips to make your time in the sun more enjoyable:


  1. It only takes 15 minutes to burn depending on the UV index. Don’t know what the UV index is?  Check out the Sunburn Map on-line, if the index is 3 or higher, slather up!
  2. Remember to protect your dog from the sun. There are a number of pet friendly sunscreens on the market, especially if your dog is losing hair.  You can also purchase UV protective clothing that will protect them on a hike in the sun or, better yet, pour them a bowl of water and let them snooze in the shade (aka the front stateroom with the hatch open and a fan).
  3. Allergies? Remember that pollen concentration is highest in the morning so stay onboard with the windows closed and curl up with a good book.  You can head out in the afternoon and be sniffle-free.
  4. Excessive sweating in the summer time can deplete your body of vitamins and minerals causing fatigue and irritability. Grumpy boaters aren’t fun.  Pick up a bottle of multi-vitamins for the boat and stay active.

See you on the water!!

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