Unlimited Internet For Your Boat

I have been using the Starlink Satellite Dish for almost two months and I love it.  I paid CAD $800 for the hardware and $190 per month for unlimited data.  I have had guests on board so there are four devices streaming video and there was no problem.  But remember, this is just the internet, so you will need to subscribe to a TV app (such as Netflix, Crave, Global, TSN, etc) to watch your favourite shows.  Occasionally, there is buffering when watching a movie but it doesn’t happen very often.  Speeds hover around 100 – 140 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up.  I attend zoom meetings and edit videos online and upload them to YouTube with no issues.

I boat in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, Gulf Islands) and have had no issues with the internet while traveling (10 – 12 knots).  I have also joined a couple of Facebook groups that you may find interesting, Starlink On Boats and Starlink Canada

I have it temporarily installed but I am working on a permanent solution, possibly in an empty dome on the upper arch – stay tuned!


Starlink Dish

Starlink dish on a boat

Starlink Satellite Router Installed on a Boat

Starlink Router on a Boat

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