MGB's Vancouver Boat Show Presentation Slides Online

I had a great time at the Vancouver Boat Show talking about some of my favourite products and space-saving ideas. If you missed it, the presentation slides are available online.

Top Product Picks for 2024

Are you on the lookout for some awesome products to make your boating trips even better? Look no further because Missy Goes Boating has just published her top picks for 2024!

Provisioning & Grocery List

Have you wasted time looking for something you know is on board? Don't spend one more minute tearing the boat apart. Now, you can download and customize a list for your boat.


The Perfect Cosmopolitan for Boating
The perfect cosmo, for the perfect afternoon on your perfect boat.

Boater's Gift

A great gift for your Valentine's girl. And yes, she is.

Events Calendar

Feb 2 - Seattle BS
Feb 14 - Valentine's Day
Feb 25 - Wine Festival
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