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For the past 25 years, I have been cruising the Pacific Northwest in my powerboat, "As You Wish". My backyard is Howe Sound but I also enjoy the Gulf Islands and the odd trip to Desolation - Princess Louisa is one of my favourite places on earth. I spend most of my time at anchor or a club outstation.

I love a good dock party or a side-tie in a remote anchorage and live for flavourful snacks, fun cocktails, a stack of magazines and a healthy dose of dock talk.

I am a shopper and love cool products that actually work. My friends and I spend countless hours floating, sipping beverages and talking about what works and what doesn't. We didn't invent any of this stuff but we sure like to think we did.

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Cruise my website and blog for:

  • Tips & Tricks for menu planning, food preparation and storage

  • Easy to prepare appetizers for your dock party

  • Drinks with umbrellas

  • "Why didn't I think of that?" products

  • Favourite reads for the back deck

  • Onboard health and beauty

  • And the tunes...................

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Cool Products

I use this recipe as the base for a warm salad on a cool day. It is also a perfect side.

  Winter boating will never be the same.