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There’s A Yacht More To Life

There’s A Yacht More To Life

February 2024
There is nothing more relaxing than reading a book on the back deck. Unless, of course, you are wearing fabulous sunglasses and drinking from a chilled glass. I have put together a collection of my favourite products for 2024. Enjoy!

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My Favourites

Starlink Internet For Your Boat

Starlink Internet For Your Boat – Update!

I have been using the Starlink Satellite Dish for almost a year, and love it. This is internet, to watch TV you must subscribe to an app, like Netflix.

Chasing Coral – A Netflix Original Documentary – A Must See For Boaters

I just watched this documentary, and was overwhelmed. I hadn’t heard the term "bleaching," and I didn't realize that it happened in months, not years.
Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repellant sitting on a boat

Mosquitos on the Boat

I get bitten by mosquitos more than most, and have been told I have "sweet blood”. I had to find the truth.