Laundry Detergent for Boaters

I was recently introduced to a line of zero-waste, plastic-neutral cleaning products on Dragon’s Den called Myni. Marie-Hélène David founded this Canadian company after she realized that her sink pipe had been corroded by the toxic fumes from her cleaning products. She undertook a journey to learn about the nature of the ingredients found in…
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Starlink Dish

Unlimited Internet For Your Boat

I have been using the Starlink Satellite Dish for almost two months and I love it.  I paid CAD $800 for the hardware and $190 per month for unlimited data.  I have had guests on board so there are four devices streaming video and there was no problem.  But remember, this is just the internet,…
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Good Citizenship Recipient – Bobby Bruce aka Nearly Neil

Bobby Bruce "Nearly Neil" wins Province of BC Good Citizenship Award
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Bourbon Cranberry Sauce

A southern take on an old classic.
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Braised Cabbage With Herbed Vinaigrette

I use this recipe as the base for a warm salad on a cool day. It is also a perfect side.
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holiday playlist

Holiday Playlist 2021

Is it time to update your holiday playlist?  I find it nice to mix holiday tunes with classic tunes because, it is true, you can have too much holiday tunage. Try these on for size: Hard Candy Christmas – RuPaul The Trouble with Love Is – Kelly Clarkson White Christmas – Otis Redding What Christmas…
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picture of a seagull who is looking for a gin based fun boat cocktail

The Seagull Cocktail

A classic Caribbean cocktail and winner of this year's coveted Centre Bay Cocktail Contest.
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My New Favourite Skin Care Products

Many years ago I worked for a Vancouver based skincare company called Enzo Trevi.  It was the early 80’s and skincare was nowhere near as prevalent as today.  I started using the products because I worked at the company.  I will always remember spending the afternoon with one of the product architects, Ursula Wagstaff, and…
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