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A Spirit Lifter

A great back deck read just before Happy Hour!
A Local Read About Vancouver Island Distilleries

Warm Tootsies

  Winter boating will never be the same.

Phone Rain Jacket

Lesson learned.

Hair “Care”

Because we love the ocean.

Inflatable Sofa Bed

Sometimes you want your guests to sleep over.

Stay Cold Margarita Glasses

Hands stay warm and dry, margarita stays ice cold. Mic drop.

Celebrate Box Wine

Take your box wine up a notch. It even comes with an aerator. So very Jackie-O at the dock party.

A Freezer for Extended Cruising

A fantastic AC/DC freezer for extended anchoring this summer. Perfect for frozen vegetables and ice cubes.

Solar Powered Tea Lights

Candles are never a good idea on a boat and my LED candles were eating through the batteries. This is a brilliant idea!

Travel Power Bar

Compact and great for small spaces. Power on Garth!

Alexa, Turn on the Fan

Perfect for those hard to reach outlets. It can be controlled by your smart device or Alexa. I am waiting for the "pour wine" function.

Rechargeable LED Vintage Lantern

It looks like a traditional marine light but it is plastic, rechargeable, has a dimmer switch and you can "blow" it out. Very smart.

Stop Tearing Your Canvas – Snap Tool to the Rescue

For those hard to break apart snaps. The notched blade fits over the snap to align and break them apart without tearing the canvas.

Who Doesn’t Love a Titianium Spork?

These are amazing to keep on the dinghy or to take to happy hour. The spoon/fork/bottle opener comes with a washable cloth bag. Eliminate one-use cutlery!

Compact Retractable Cord Hair Dryer

I have this one on board and it is fantastic! The handle folds up and the cord retracts. Lightweight, ceramic and low noise, pretty good for 1875 watts!

Bedside Pocket

I just purchased one, great for a magazine, glasses or the remote. Keeps the clutter off my bedside table!

The Perfect Compact Umbrella

The only umbrella that really works is the one you take with you. It is compact so it is easy to throw in your bag. Wind vents for our windy, rainy Vancouver days.

Never Look For Your Phone Charger Again

This surface mount, waterproof, wireless charger is designed with boaters in mind. No more messy cables.

Anchors Away Tablet Sleeve

Waterproof and neoprene. Protect your tablet from the salt air.

Bose Soundlink Speaker Case

Protect your Bose speaker with this semi-waterproof, shockproof, hard-sided speaker case. Because splashes happen.

One Woman’s Sailing Adventure

Pamela Bendall, from Vancouver, was a successful investment dealer who gave it all up to go sailing. By herself.

Bose Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

I bought one this summer and the sound is amazing! Especially great for a sunset cruise in the dinghy or a docktail party.

Keep Your Gloves On While Texting

Wind-proof, water-resistant gloves with a special conductive fabric on the thumb and index finger. Text warmly my friends.

Extreme Outdoor Velcro

This velcro tape is designed to be outside and uses an all-weather, UV-resistant heavy-duty adhesive that works on most surfaces.

A Beautiful Read

Recommended to me by the Editor of Northwest Yachting Magazine, this is a beautiful story of meeting someone again.

Nauti Cocktail Shaker

Get out of your wet bathing suit and into a dry martini. 16-ounce cocktail shaker with insulated wetsuit cover eliminates condensation and non-skid bottom provides stability.

Revive Plastic Windows

Love. Products that work. If you have yellowed, faded or unclear plastic windows then try Novus. You will see what I mean.

Wine Glass Life Jacket

I tried the plastic wine glass route but it is just not the same as real glass. I have been using this storage box for almost 10 years and it is a great way to save your wine glasses on the high seas.

The Mighty Mug Does Not Fall Over

Not sure how this works but it does. Sticks to a flat surface and won't fall over. Pick it straight up when you want a drink. No tippy canoe for this coffee cup.

Bucket List Bucket

This champagne or wine bucket is made of plastic but looks like fine crystal. So wine a little and laugh a lot.

Solar Panel & Hydration Backpack

Great for a day of hiking. Keep your cell phone charged and your body hydrated!

Deodorant Removing Sponge for High Seas Beauty Emergencies

It is annoying but it happens. White streaks on dark clothing. This professional-grade sponge removes deodorant residue and most makeup powder stains from clothing.

The Reuseable Water Bottle That Lets You Add Ice

The twist open body allows you to add ice and lemon. Staying hydrated onboard is important and this water bottle makes it easy.

All Natural Air Purifier

Kanberra Gel is used by boaters worldwide. It just works with no chemicals. Get rid of the musty odor caused by mold and mildew at the micro-biotic level!

Custom Florals When Fresh Can’t Be Found

I love fresh flowers on the boat year-round but sometimes that just isn't possible. And, bonus, it doesn't matter if they fall over.

The Dock Party Cheese Board

A very nautical cheese board with 4 pull out cheese tools. Use the remaining 4 helm handles to rotate the board on the table.

Rechargeable Water Jug Pump

Get rid of plastic water bottles for good. Fits 2 - 5 gallon bottles and is rechargeable.

Limitless Soda

Stop packing around cans of soda. This stylish carbonator has a small footprint and a big fizz.

Take Your Lunch in Style

If we have to work, it only seems fair that we should have a stylish lunch bag.

A Great Read with a Glass of Champers

The New York Times bestselling biography of the woman who ruled the Champagne Empire.

The Perfect Jackie O Scarf

Channel, or should I say "Chanel" your inner Jackie O with this lightweight anchors away oversize scarf.

Portable Ice Maker

Never be stuck for ice again. Makes 25lbs of ice per day, first cubes in under 10 minutes, 3 different sizes of cubes.

Get Yourself A Good Knife

Another game changer on your boat. It just makes your life easier!

Rechargeable Blender

You are making a vat of margaritas and everyone says "on the rocks" except for Sally's friend. She says "I'll have mine blended."

Vegan Sandals

Super comfortable starfish sandals, made by women and dishwasher safe. Not sure how I feel about that.

Mobile Pop-Up Make Up Station

My boat is too small for a vanity so this is a game-changer. It fits my hair-dryer, flat iron and all my makeup.

Dinghy Organizer & Cooler Bag

Great for a quick trip to town to get groceries. Has multiple storage compartments, comfortable handle grips and folds up to store away.

Sterling Silver Starfish Necklace

Sterling Silver starfish charm with a spring-ring clasp. Take the beach with you.

Nesting Bowls to Save Space

Prep, serve and store. Five bowls, stainless steel interior, plastic exterior, non-slip bottoms with lids. Hot or cold.

5 Day Ice Cooler that Really Works!

Wheels on the back make it easy to throw your bag ontop. I have wasted a lot of money on coolers to find one that works! Sometimes available at Army & Navy or Costco.

The Windbreaker with 18 Pockets!

Whatever way the wind blows, you will be prepared!!

Starfish Pillow Cover

Update those old pillows!!! Double-sided, measures 18" X 18" made of plush, soft fabric. Perfect for a day dream.

Specs-Tacular Storage

Transparent lid makes it easy to see if you actually put your glasses away or whether you have to go looking for them.

Ottoman that Stores 12 Pairs of Shoes

With limited space on the boat, it's nice to know that some furniture works harder than others.

My New Favourite Skincare

Great products at an amazing price!! Online or in store. Not so ordinary!!

T-Rex Costume to Rock Your Next Dock Party!

Can you imagine your next sailing race, dock party or bocce tournament dressed in these? It comes with its own fan to stay inflated. Hilarious!!

A Compact Blender for Your Boat

Great for crushed ice, smoothies, Pina Coladas, salsa, soups, and even pancakes!

Biodegradable & Compostable Cooler from Igloo

Biodegradable & Compostable Cooler from Igloo
No more styrofoam coolers! Recool is the world's first biodegradeable and compostable cooler that keeps beverages cool for up to 12 hours.

Organized Vitamins

Vitamins don't always stay fresh on the boat so instead of taking a big bottle just take enough for the weekend. One slot per day!

Osborne Propellers Barnacle Dissolver

I tried this on our last haul out and yes, it works. It works as well as muriatic acid but no noxious gases. And Osborne Propellers should know, they have been screwing boaters for years!
Marine Residue Dissolver

Floating Skipping Stones for Your Dog

These dog toys are floatable and shaped like real stones! You get to play and so does your dog!

Powdered Lime When You Don’t Have Fresh

I first tried these on a flight and was looking for a slice of lime for my Diet Coke. It actually tastes like lime and would be great if you were in Desolation without access to fresh lime.

Keep Your Boat Tools Organized

It includes a light and 37 pockets!!!

Super Comfy Shoes

You cannot believe how comfortable these Fitflop shoes are!  I have a couple of different styles.  They even lasted 10 hours in the Boat Show booth!   It's crazy!!

Sign up for their newsletter and watch for FREE shipping!

Wine Pearls Keep Your Wine Chilled

Keep your glass of wine cool on the back deck without watering it down.  Keep them in the freezer and drop them in your wine, they are oval shaped for round bottom glasses.

Starfish Serving Platter

This website is great for nautical-themed boat wares.  Everything from bags, jewelery, rugs, bed, bath and dining.  With some very unique gifts for those hard to buy for boaters.

Don't forget to check out the sale section!

Save Your Wine! Literally!!

Looks fantastic at a dock party as a centrepiece!

Biodegradable Soap You Can Use For Everything!

Use if for everything, hair, face, kids, dogs, dishes plus it works in cold water and salt water.

“How To Tie Knots” Mug

Ingenious!! Drink your coffee and learn your knots!

A Portable Reclining Seat

Grab your red, red and head to the bow, bow for some R & R.

The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl

What a great book for kids! Making your "first" boat trip fun.

Cut Resistant Gloves

Great for cleaning crab, prawns or fish. Save your manicure!

Anchor Nutrition Bar Anti-Nausea Snack

If you suffer from sea sickness, here is an all natural solution. It starts to work in 5 - 30 minutes and lasts for up to 3 hours. No drugs, just real food.

Movie – The Seagull

A tragicomedy unfolds when friends and family gather at a retreat where everyone is caught up in loving someone who loves someone else.

Whale In The Door

“Reminds me that amazing artists like you have so much to say about healing our precious earth. I am a science nerd. I forget about song, dance moves, celebration. I can’t tell you how much this made me smile and REMINDED ME OF MY PURPOSE!" —Ramona de Graaf, marine biologist

Pawaca Travel Electronics Accessories Organizer

I bought one of these for travelling but have ordered another one for the boat. I have a laptop and camera onboard so now I just travel with the SD card. Great to store my headphones. Way better than a ziploc bag!

The Perfect Boat Overnight Bag

"Over the course of a long life, the wise woman must be prepared to lose her luggage many times". - Budha

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Also available "Gone With The Gin", Cocktails with a Hollywood Twist

Anchor Stemless Jeweled Wine Glass

Bling and wine. Nothing more to add.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Music by Neil Diamond

Sitting on my back deck, coffee in hand, Neil Diamond playing in the background, seagulls over head.

Floating Sunglasses

This idea becomes even better when you are watching your designer shades sink to the bottom of the ocean. Great for tubing and floating.

Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer’s Quest to Find Zen on the Sea

Think "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" for surfers. As boaters, we appreciate the ocean every day - here is another take on that spiritual connection.

Movie – The Seagull’s Laughter

A comedy/drama about a woman who returns to an Icelandic town. Set in the 1950's, Freyja, who'd been a plump teen, returns from America, a widow with a 20-inch waist, seven suitcases of dresses, and a list of who ever wronged or slighted her.

The Ultimate Bath Mat

I actually bought one to put under the dog's water dish. He is an Irish Setter so not much of the water goes in his mouth. It's a gift he has.

Outdoor Shower

What a great idea for the back deck or dock! It is pressurized and one solar heated bag lasts 5 - 7 minutes. Almost enough to wash the dog.......

A Re-Usable Water Bottle You Can Really Clean

If you have ever left the remains of a margarita or red wine in the bottom of a water bottle, you know how hard it is to clean! This one has a leak-proof screw-off bottom! Brilliant!!

Glow In The Dark Dog Leash

How much fun would this be on the dock at night????

Watermelon Slicer

“So in our pride we ordered for breakfast an omelet, toast and coffee and what has just arrived is a tomato salad with onions, a dish of pickles, a big slice of watermelon and two bottles of cream soda.” - John Steinbeck

303 Aerospace Protectant

The vinyl seats on my boat are in the direct sunlight all the time. Aerospace not only protects against fading, discoloration and cracking from harmful UV rays, but repels dust and stains, too.

Flameless Candles with Remote Control

I use these on my boat and love them. I like the remote because I can leave the candles on the shelf and not have to move them to turn them on or off.

Orca – A New Book From Jason Colby

I have never been a fan of whales in captivity but this book takes a hard look at why those very whales may have actually saved the entire species. The author, Jason Colby, is an associate professor from UVIC.

Prawn Line Storage

I use this to store 100 meters of sinking line for the prawn trap. Because it is round, it sits nicely in the bow of the dinghy. I also drilled holes in the bottom so I can rinse the line with fresh water before I store it. Stops the smell.

Keep The Bugs Out Of Your Wine

I like these better than the dollar store ones because they allow the wine to breathe. Also, I find the solid covers can cause the wine to warm.

The Soul Of An Octopus

Another fascinating read about the animals we share the ocean with. Unfortunately if you like calamari, you may never eat it again.

Eternal Ice Cubes

These can be used in your drink to keep it cool when there is no ice in sight however, they are also really good if you are heading to a dock party and want to fill up your champagne bucket.

Quit Your Job And Live On A Boat

Have you ever been sitting with friends having a glass of wine and they say "let's sell everything and live on our boat"???? Sometimes simply reading a book can put it all into perspective.

Magma Nesting Pots

For the space deprived. This set is available in a 7 or 10 piece set.

The “Other” Bible

I always refer to the September Vogue as my bible but, as a boatowner, I have made room on my shelf for this book. If you are ever stuck at sea, Nigel has the answers.

The Old Man And The Sea – Ernest Hemingway

The story of a Cuban fisherman down on his luck fighting a marlin. "Man can be destroyed, but not defeated." A fishing "Book of Job", so to say.

Better Smelling Laundry

If you have ever spilled crab guts on a towel and then put it in your laundry bag for a day or so - you need this product. It is great for removing stains and smells!

Arlo Camera For Peace Of Mind

I love this system. Great peace of mind to check in on your house with free recording for 7 days. I bought mine before the rechargeable cameras came out which is too bad because they really chew through the batteries!!

Nine Birds Singing

Written by Bowen Island resident, Edythe Anstey Hanen, this book follows the travels of Maddie as she tries to get her life together. And what triggered her journey? A simple fridge magnet.

Movie – Jonathan Livingston Seagull

The movie, based on the book, with music by Neil Diamond.

Slow: Simple Living For A Frantic World

As a boater, I know how to simplify and slow down my live.....on the boat. The minute I am back in the city, it is one "to do" list after another. Brooke McAlary, writes a blog called "Slow Your Home" and offers great tips to finding out what really matters.

A Great Little Anchor

Perfect for your dinghy! Don't forget an Anchor Buddy (demo available at www.tuggyproducts.com)

Anchors Away Sundress

LBD Goes Anchors Away!

A Great Bath Mat

Anti-bacterial, eco-friendly, non-slip and super cute!!!

The “Run Into Town” Bag

Get in your dinghy and run into town - adorbs!

Barefoot Bling For Your Feet

Look down and be happy.

Solar Powered Bug Zapper

This is perfect for your back deck, with suction cups to attach to the window. Say good night my little friend.

“I Need My Yacht By Friday!”

A rare look at the boating industry from the "repair shop" point of view. This book contains lots of great anecdotes, although a few hit rather close to home.

Baja Bob’s Low Cal Margarita Mix

Convenient portable single-serve powder packets, 10 tiny calories, 0 sugar, 0 carbs. Simply add water, tequila, and ice to make a delicious sugar free low calorie margarita. ¡Fantástico!

Personal Bathroom Odour Eliminator

If you share a head on your boat, this is better than any spray, any time. Put a few drops in the bowl beforehand that will block the odour at the source. Environmentally friendly.

Captain Awesome Mug

Because you know you are.

Anchor Tee

"Have an anchor so that life doesn't toss you around" - Debby Ryan

Nautical Champagne Flutes

Naughty Bubbles - What a great name for a boat!

When Life Gives You Lululemons

If you loved "The Devil Wears Prada", you will love this new book from Lauren Weisberger. If you were cheering for Team Emily (that Chanel drenched cynic), she has left the magazine industry to become a Hollywood image consultant for delinquent celebs!

Pia Rossini Women’s Maine Nautical Stripe Beach Summer Bag

If you have to carry your own bag to the boat, it might as well be pretty. Large nautical style beach bag, raffia body with faux leather trimming, fully lined.

A Stylish Umbrella

"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky" - R. Tagore

Chasing The Wind

Saltspring Island writer, C. C. Humphreys', page-turning thriller is about a rich kid turned pilot/smuggler. Set in the 1930's, Roxy's family has lost everything so she gets busy making a living from gun running to art theft. A great summer read.

Sex in the Sea

This very funny book explores salty seduction, sexual outercourse and sex-sea trivia. Written by Marah J. Hardt, a doctorate in science with a terrific sense of humour. The message at the heart of the book? You got it, the big Ocean.

I Make Wine Disappear

I make wine disappear. What's your super power?

Inflatable Pool Floats

A water floatie after my own heart. This proves that diamonds are a girls best floatation device.

Inflatable Pink Flamingo

Be a flamingo in a flock of seagulls.

Crab Claw Gloves

Now this is how you take an appetizer to a dock party.

“Don’t Cover Up That Great Outfit” Rain Coat

No more yellow Mackintoshes for us! Show the world your fantastic outfit even in the rain. Sorry Jennifer Warnes.

My “Cooking” Apron

A true lady is only helpless while her nail polish is wet. Even then, she could pull a trigger if she had to.

Love The Wine You’re With Glass

In the words of Stephen Stills, "Love The Wine You're With"

Coffee or Cookie Stencils

I love to sprinkle cinnamon on my coffee in the morning - now it is all fancy pants.

Wine Purse

When your friends invite you to go "into town" sightseeing but you really just want a glass of wine.

Sunscreen Flask

They have turned everything into a flask. You seriously don't want to mix these two up!

Faux Denim Pajama Pants

Nobody wants to see their neighbour doing the early morning dog-walk wearing worn, see-through pajama pants. Believe me.

Bracelet Flask

The world is right when you can mix your jewellery with your favourite beverage.

Hair Brush Flask

I remember a friend of mine who used to smuggle vodka into concerts in her hairspray bottle - this seems like a much better alternative.
Price: CDN$ 34.99

You Are Badass

"You are loved. Massively, ferociously, unconditionally. The universe is totally freaking out about how awesome you are." - Jen Sincero

You Are Badass At Making Money – Jen Sincero

"When you succumb to fear, you are under the illusion that you can predict the future." - Jen Sincero

The Perfect Kid’s Towel

Wrap it up kiddos!!!

Her Pretty Face

Vancouver writer, Robyn Harding, tells the story of two women with a deep, dark secret. One is an overweight, insecure mother and the other a confident, put together parent who wants nothing to do with the school clique. These women bond over a common dislike of the others to protect their children. But wait, one of them is a murderer.

Tick Wrangler

Hopefully you will never have to use this product which is why I recommend you get one to match your boat.

The BEST Hashbrown!

Not just for breakfast. Freeze dried but you would never know it. Doesn't use up valuable freezer space.

Keto Pork Rinds

For all my Keto friends who can't find these snacks in a retail store. Were they not a snack staple in the 80's?????? Enough to last for days.

Prevent a Hangover with PartySmart

If you are smart enough to predict a hangover, then this is the answer. All natural, gluten free and vegan friendly. Party like it's 1999.

Over EZ for Hangovers

If you forgot to take "Party Smart" the night before then try this hangover cure. Over EZ contains a 3 blend recovery system and provides a full-body reset.

Boat Hair Don’t Care Ball Cap

I would rather have a bad hair day on the boat than a good hair day at the office.

Favourite Sunscreen for my Face

Sunscreen only works if you wear it. It goes on easily, does not feel like you are wearing sunscreen and doesn’t make a mess. As a bonus for boaters, it is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

My Favourite Book EVER

“It was morning, and the new sun sparkled gold across the ripples of a gentle sea.” ― Richard Bach My favourite book EVER!

Anchors Nylon Ribbon Dog Leash

Doggone-it adorable. Walk the docks in style, this one inch wide, four foot long leash is made of durable nylon with a high quality ribbon overlay.

Introducing the Martini Wine Glass

Move seamlessly from Happy Hour to dinner. Show up for a quick visit on your neighbour's boat and stay for the evening. No need to run back to your boat or carry extra glasses. A boater invented this, I know it.

Bring Me Some Wine Socks

When you are too tired to get up, slip on these socks and relax on the back deck.  You know someone will drift by and lend a pour.

The Hidden Life of Trees

"Because a tree can only be as strong as the forest that surrounds it." - Peter Wohlleben

Blue Mind – Why Water Makes Us Happy

As boaters, we have known this all along - now there is scientific proof! A very interesting read.

Vionic Women’s Tide II Arch Support Flip Flop

Finally, a flip flop that isn't "really" bad for your feet. Biomechanically designed to hug your arches, part flip-flop, part orthopedic shoe.

All The Oceans: Designing By The Seat Of My Pants by Ron Holland

If you love superyachts and the lives of the rich and famous, this is a must read, written by  celebrated yacht designer Ron Holland from Vancouver, B.C.

Innovative Binocular Strap

I think this is another clever idea, a strap that doubles as a case for your binoculars. On my boat, the binoculars and the case are very rarely ever together. The Miggo Strap & Wrap is made of light, high quality, impact-resistant neoprene Lycra fabric.

L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care Gel Moisturizer

Even your skin needs a drink. Formulated with aloe water, it absorbs quickly without a greasy feel.

Small Travel Jewellery Case

I have a really bad habit of leaving my jewelry on the galley table. That all stopped when I lost my diamond earring and spent an hour removing the banquet only to realize it had fallen in my shoe.

A Cool Pad For Your Cool Dog

This is Jonathan's favourite. We were anchored and there was no breeze. He took to it like a hot dog to a cool bed.

Anchor Bungee

A smart invention to anchor your inflatable dinghy.

Quilted Underseat Travel Bag

Just in case you have to get away to somewhere warm over the holidays!!

Book Review- The Woo-Woo

My sister recommended this book and because I love all things dysfunctional, I ordered the book.

One Foot In by Jeff Pew

My cousin Jeff wrote a book of poetry and it is really entertaining.

Reusable Gel Ice or Heat Pack For Knees and Elbows

After a long day of scrubbing the boat, relax with this amazing wrap. Hot or cold.