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It’s About Lime

It’s About Lime

May 2023
This month is all about Cinco de Mayo, starting with my favourite Margarita recipe, some fabulous stay-cold glasses, an easy appetizer, a good read and all the events.  In the words of my favourite bumper sticker, "Stop trying to fix everything; you're not tequila."

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Cool Products

Starlink Internet For Your Boat

Starlink Internet For Your Boat – Update!

I have been using the Starlink Satellite Dish for almost a year, and love it. This is internet, to watch TV you must subscribe to an app, like Netflix.

Laundry Detergent for Boaters

I was introduced to a line of zero-waste, plastic-neutral cleaning products on Dragon's Den called Myni. They invented a tablet that you add to a spray bottle.

Equipment Dust Covers

Fabric dust covers act as a filter to trap dust, dirt, lint, pet hair, ocean salt, and spills before they can damage your gear.

Plastic Soap Dispenser made from Ocean Debris

Method ocean plastic bottles are made from plastic debris that washed up on beaches, they were the first to use recovered ocean plastics in recycling.