Super Cute Boat Shoes from Rothy

I love companies that make an effort.  Rothy’s really does put the planet and its people first – real sustainability.  They think of it as a continuous loop that renews itself, from material ad manufacturing to product and recycling.  Their vision is to use twice-recycled materials in new products.  To close the loop, like nature does.

Rothy’s diverts plastic bottles from landfills and transforms them into signature thread—which they knit into durable, washable, and sustainable styles like shoes, bags, and accessories. Who knew plastic could look and feel this good?

They have collected and transformed thousands of pounds of marine plastic into sustainable bags unlike any other. Beyond keeping waste out of the ocean, this cool material is also fully machine washable—just like their signature thread.

And this is super cool!  The Strobel boards (aka, the green part of the shoe under the insole) and the footbeds of their sandals use an algae-based foam. Harvesting harmful algae from waterways helps keep our marine ecosystems balanced—plus makes for extra-sturdy shoes.

These completely breathable, seamless flats are machine washable.  Stylish and made with boaters in mind – love it! Available at starting at $ 125.00

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