A Book About The Art and Science of Getting Happier

Can a boater get any happier? Oprah and Arthur C. Brooks investigate the art and science of getting happier in their brand-new book.

Why I Love It

You know how much I love Oprah.  I watched her show for years and have relied on her for many good reads, sage advice and a couple of big life decisions. She’s my cup of tea.

For this brand-new book, Oprah teamed up with Arthur C. Brooks, an American social scientist and a professor at Harvard.  He has written eleven books and hosts two fun podcasts, “How To Build a Happy Life” and “The Art of Happiness”.

The Details

  • Drawing on cutting-edge science and their years of helping people translate ideas into action, they show you how to improve your life right now instead of waiting for the outside world to change.
  • With insight, compassion, and hope, Brooks and Winfrey reveal how the tools of emotional self-management can change your life―immediately.
  • Along the way, they share hard-earned wisdom from their own lives and careers as well as the witness of regular people whose lives are joyful despite setbacks and hardship.
  • Could this be a blueprint for a better life?
Build the Life You Want By Arthur C. Brooks and Oprah Winfrey
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