Women’s Day at the Vancouver Boat Show 2019

Join us on Saturday, February 9th 2019 for Women’s Day at the Vancouver Boat Show.  A full day of boating seminars and guest speakers designed to educate and inspire.  There are lots of topics to choose from ranging from electrical, emergency procedures, towing, offshore life, boat insurance simplified and great places to visit in the Pacific Northwest. The presentations, for both power and sail, will help beginners get started and offer seasoned boaters a fun refresher.

Your $99 ticket includes a light breakfast, bag lunch, wine tasting and entrance to the show which is open until 8:00 p.m., so you will have plenty of time for shopping. And to top it all off, amazing gift bags and raffle prizes!  Registration is open and tickets will go fast!!!



Movie, Popcorn and Wine?

VIPI was chatting with my car-pooling partner in crime, Sue, and she was telling me about a new VIP movie experience at Cineplex.  You may be thinking, “what does this have to do with boating?”  Well, Cineplex has starting serving wine and cocktails in select theatres!  Last night we went to the brand new Marine Gateway Cineplex VIP theatre at Marine and Cambie in Vancouver.  The other two locations are in Abbotsford and Coquitlam.

The first great thing about this new service is that you can order your tickets on-line and choose your seats!  Brilliant.  We went a little early to check out the full-service lounge that is part of the experience.  We ordered a bottle of wine and some appetizers which you are more than welcome to take to your seats.  The in-seat service starts 30 minutes before the show.

The seats are luxurious, high-back leather loungers and super comfy.  They each come with a slide out table and you can remove the middle arm rest for more of a “couch” feel.  The cost is $25 per person, which is a bit steep for a movie, but it is totally worth it!  If you are looking for a great “date night” idea, this is it.

We watched Melissa McCarthy (love her) in “The Boss” but it was disappointing.  However, that didn’t put a damper on a great night.

A Cool Pad for Your Cool Dog

IMG_1613_edited-1I was recently at a dogshow and one of the vendors was selling a cooling pad for dogs. It seemed like a great idea but retailed for $90 which was a bit steep. I liked the idea so when I was back in front of my computer, I googled “cooling pads for dogs” and found thegreenpetshop.com They have created a line of eco-friendly products for animals including the Cool Pet Pad. It requires no electricity, water or refrigeration. The cooling pad is activated by your dog’s weight and recharges automatically after a short period of non-use or you can supercool it by putting it in the fridge. Continue reading