Fire Suppression Blanket

Fire Suppression Blanket
I attended safety days at the club, saw a demonstration of the Fire Suppression Blanket, and immediately purchased three - both sides of the galley and the back deck BBQ.

Prawn and Fish Cleaning Tweezers

The fish-cleaning tweezer handle is substantial and allows for a good grip with wet hands. It is excellent for removing the vein of butterfly prawns or extracting small salmon bones.
tweezers for cleaning fish and prawns

Refillable Salt and Pepper Grinder with Stand

Refillable Salt and Pepper Grinder with Stand
Finally, a refillable salt and pepper grinder with a stand that works on a boat. No more rice in your salt, these grinders have lids that seal along with adjustable settings for coarseness.

Nearly Neil Video

"Commotion On The Ocean" video, scheduled this year for August 5th.

Published Article

Some of my favourite tips for new boaters and best-loved products.

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Jul 21 - Bathtub Race
Jul 21 - Trooper
Jul 22 - Bamfield Music
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So have a good time, the sun can't shine every day.
- Trooper
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