Underwater Camera

Heard a thump? Think you ran over a crab trap? See under your boat without getting wet. You can even record your footage and share the video. Now you can finally prove that the "big one" did get away.
underwater camera prop photo

Tide Clock

Tide Clock For Boating
Add a tide clock to your boat gear and know before you go! One for the house and one for the boat. Also, read the latest blog (below) to find out how to add tide data to your mobile calendar.

The Best Monocular For Boating

Here are some tips to find the best monocular for boating. Read below to find out why it is a good idea to have a monocular as well as binoculars on board. As a bonus, you can use a monocular as a telephoto lens for your smartphone!
The best monocular for boating

Latest Blog

adding a tide chart to your calendar
Learn how to add local tides to your phone's calendar.

Mono vs Binocular

a monocular for boating
Why it is a good idea to have both monocular and binoculars.

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Nov 5 – Clocks Back
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Nov 24 – Tofino Oyster
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