Pet First Aid Kit

As boaters, we have to be prepared to act as the first responder for everyone on board, including our pets.  This Pet First Aid Kit is a great place to start.

Why I Love It

I was walking my dog back from the beach this summer, and I looked down to see the tell-tale red paw blotches along the dock. Sure enough, he had cut his paw on a barnacle. I grabbed my pet-specific first aid kit, put him on a towel and lifted his paw over his heart to slow the bleeding.  Then I flushed it, wrapped it in gauze and secured it with vet wrap.  He was good to go!

This is a great basic kit to get you started, but I would also add:

Although you may have many of these supplies in your basic first aid kit, it is nice to have everything in one bag when something happens to your furry crew.

The Details

  • Contains 39 essential first aid supplies for treating minor injuries including a pet specific first aid guide
  • Assembled in Canada
  • Lightweight durable nylon case with wrist loop for easy transport
  • Measures 19.05 x 6.99 x 11.43 cm; 280 Grams
pet first aid kit
Pet First Aid Kit
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