Pop Up Pet Kennel

Sometimes you want to take the dogs to the dinner dock party but you don't want them bugging everyone. The Pop Up Pet Kennel is a perfect solution!

Why I Love It

Many years ago, I was walking the dock at Winter Cove and met a beautiful Irish Setter named Pita.  She was very energetic and a bit mischievous, I later learned that Pita stood for Pain In The Ass and that made me laugh.  The fact remains, dogs who are crate trained are easier to live with.  Many times the boat is too hot to leave them alone so I take the crate and the dog to the shade.  It is especially useful when people “pop” by for a visit, it is super easy to say “box box” (I learned that from the F1 documentary on Netflix).  And no one loves a wet dog on the couch, so a fluffy towel and a crate are the perfect solution.

The Details

  • Soft sided with mesh screen windows for visibility and ventilation keep pets contained and comfortable
  • Easily pops up and folds flat to 11" round. Comes with a convenient storage pouch
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • The crate is for use when you are with the dog, it is not designed to leave the dog unattended as it is easy for them to escape if they get bored
  • Available in 3 sizes and 7 colours
Pop Up Pet Kennel
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