Storage Bin for Small Fridges

Get organized with this handy Storage Bin for Small Fridges. Stops your fruit and vegies from leaping out when you open the door, they also include a removable mat to improve air flow.

Why I Love It

My fridge is small and the bottom “shelf” is an odd shape.  Also, the fridge melts a bit and the water drips to the bottom shelf, which is too bad because the space is good for vegies and fruit but they age quickly sitting in water.  These stackable trays are a fabulous solution because they hold the vegies in place, they keep them out of the water while providing airflow underneath.

The Details

  • A removeable interior tray keeps food raised off the bottom of the bin, improving air flow for your produce, fruit, and vegetables, allowing them to ripen both evenly and naturally.
  • Raised feet allow these bins to be stacked atop one another and promote vertical storage.
  • The hexagonal tray can be removed for easy cleaning, allowing you to freely wipe away any dirt or crumbs.
  • Available is different shapes and sizes
Fruit and Vegetable Storage Bin for Small Fridges
Storage Bin for Small Fridges
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