The Codfish Dream – Chronicles of A West Coast Fishing Guide

I grew up in Cobble Hill, BC and while I was in high school my best friend, Heidi, talked me into working at a fishing resort during the summer. At roughly the same time, a young fishing guide by the name of David Giblin was working a few miles away at a fishing resort on Stuart Island.

Jump ahead thirty odd years, Heidi and I are at the Imagine Studio Café in Victoria for the launch of David’s new book, “The Codfish Dream – Chronicles of A West Coast Fishing Guide”.

David refers to this book as “creative non-fiction”.  He says that, “Among fishing guides there is an unspoken understanding that we always tell the truth when it comes to the size of the fish, and that is what I have done.”  However, he openly admits that “liberties were taken” when it came to the characters and stories.

The first thing that hit home with me were the guides’ nicknames like Vop, Troutbreath, Wet Lenny and Double Double.  The stories on how they earned their names are all funny and I won’t give anything away but even better than the names, are the traits they each display.  One of my favourite accounts is Vop’s “hierarchy of salmon” in which he places the pink salmon at the very bottom.  He sees it as “an evolutionary first attempt, but there are some defects.”

If you have fished at a resort or moored at one with your boat, you will immediately recognize the antics between guides and the friendly competition between guests.  Heidi and I worked with a different cast of characters but if I close my eyes I can picture myself right back on the dock.

My favourite story is Chapter thirty-six, The Dog Salmon.  Also referred to as Chum, these fish feed almost exclusively on purple jelly fish and when they are caught and brought into the boat, they quite promptly puke purple dye everywhere. When David sees that a guest’s buttery yellow Gucci shoes “were now a mottled greeny-yellow-purple colour”, he uses his powers of deduction to determine that the big catch was actually a “second-class citizen of the salmon world.”

This book is a very enjoyable, “laugh-out-loud-on-the-back-deck” kind of read.  If you are familiar with Bute Inlet, Arran Rapids, Dent Island, Big Bay or fishing the Log Dump then you will most definitely find his stories entertaining.

At the end of the book, David acknowledges the guides who helped him become a better fisherman including my friend Heidi.  Ironically, David lives in Cobble Hill.

Women’s Day at the Vancouver Boat Show 2019

Join us on Saturday, February 9th 2019 for Women’s Day at the Vancouver Boat Show.  A full day of boating seminars and guest speakers designed to educate and inspire.  There are lots of topics to choose from ranging from electrical, emergency procedures, towing, offshore life, boat insurance simplified and great places to visit in the Pacific Northwest. The presentations, for both power and sail, will help beginners get started and offer seasoned boaters a fun refresher.

Your $99 ticket includes a light breakfast, bag lunch, wine tasting and entrance to the show which is open until 8:00 p.m., so you will have plenty of time for shopping. And to top it all off, amazing gift bags and raffle prizes!  Registration is open and tickets will go fast!!!



Missy’s Famous Margarita Recipe

I have been working on this recipe for years…..really.  There has been a lot of testing and discussion and each time we perfected it, well you guessed it, no one wrote it down!  This weekend we did and I am happy to share it with you:

1 cup tequila

1/2 cup Triple Sec

1/2 cup Mott’s Margarita pre-mix with Agave

1/2 cup Realemon

1/2 cup water

I mix it together in a 1 litre wine carafe with lots of ice and pour into salt-rimmed glasses and serve with a slice of lemon or lime.


How Much Battery Power Is Enough?

Pacific Yachting Magazine – June, 2018 by Melissa Gervais

Growing up in my house, it was quite common to hear, “Turn the lights off when you leave the room” or “Who left the lights on? Do you think we are made of money?”  Now that I have my own house, I get it.  But what about on the boat?  Many marinas have replaced the flat cost per day or cost per month with metered power so it makes sense to know how much your boat draws when you are not there.   Are you using an efficient fan or a heater with a thermostat that turns off when the weather warms up?  These are easy things to do and don’t affect the way you use your boat, however what about when you are at anchor or tied up at an outstation without power?  How much power is enough?

Click here for the full article  PY_JUNE18_68-71_TECH_TALK

Equipment Dust Covers

DigitalDeckCovers fabric dust covers act as a filter to trap dust, dirt, lint, pet hair, ocean salt and spills before they can ever reach your gear, providing system protection that will likely prolong its life since these contaminants are one of the biggest causes of equipment failure.  Each dust cover is custom cut, designed, and sewn to exactly fit the dimensions of your equipment. With a massive database of over 4,700 items, we make it easy to find your custom dust cover and order online.

This is one I ordered for my smaller, wall-mount TV.  I also purchased a custom cover for my older Standard Horizon chartplotter.