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For the past 20 years,  I have been cruising the Pacific Northwest in my 34 foot Bayliner "As You Wish". I manage to get out most weekends from April to October with a couple of one week visits to the Gulf Islands or Desolation.  I love a good dock party or a side-tie in a remote anchorage and live for flavourful snacks, fun cocktails, a stack of magazines and a healthy dose of dock talk.


Cruise my website and blog for:

  • Tips & Tricks for menu planning, food preparation and storage

  • Easy to prepare appetizers for your dock party

  • Drinks with umbrellas

  • "Why didn't I think of that?" products

  • Favourite reads for the back deck

  • Onboard health and beauty

  • And the tunes...................

Missy & Jonathan

Hi! I'm Missy and this is my big red dog, Jonathan. I am a weekend warrior who loves to cruise the Pacific Northwest. I am a shopper and love cool products that actually work. My friends and I spend countless hours floating, sipping beverages and talking about what works and what doesn't. We didn't invent any of this stuff but we sure like to think we did.

Latest Posts

How to Remember the Different Types of Salmon

What a great way to remember the 5 different types of salmon we have in local waters: Chum rhymes with thumb. … You can sock someone’s eye out with your pointing finger. … Your largest finger, or your king finger, is your middle. … Your ring finger stands for the Silver Salmon, also known as…
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The 2nd Annual Women’s Day at the Vancouver Boat Show – A Total Success!

On Saturday, February 9th, 2019 the Vancouver Boat Show hosted the 2nd Annual Women’s Day.  This year Susan Pickrell, Regional Supervisor Maritime Search and Rescue,  was our keynote speaker and she captivated the audience.  I met Susan years ago on a training exercise with the hovercraft,  I was on a crew with the, then, Coast…
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The Codfish Dream – Chronicles of A West Coast Fishing Guide

I grew up in Cobble Hill, BC and while I was in high school my best friend, Heidi, talked me into working at a fishing resort during the summer. At roughly the same time, a young fishing guide by the name of David Giblin was working a few miles away at a fishing resort on…
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Women’s Day at the Vancouver Boat Show 2019

Join us on Saturday, February 9th 2019 for Women’s Day at the Vancouver Boat Show.  A full day of boating seminars and guest speakers designed to educate and inspire.  There are lots of topics to choose from ranging from electrical, emergency procedures, towing, offshore life, boat insurance simplified and great places to visit in the…
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Cool Products

Take your box wine up a notch. It even comes with an aerator. So very Jackie-O at the dock party.

A fantastic AC/DC freezer for extended anchoring this summer. Perfect for frozen vegetables and ice cubes.

Candles are never a good idea on a boat and my LED candles were eating through the batteries. This is a brilliant idea!

Compact and great for small spaces. Power on Garth!

Perfect for those hard to reach outlets. It can be controlled by your smart device or Alexa. I am waiting for the "pour wine" function.

It looks like a traditional marine light but it is plastic, rechargeable, has a dimmer switch and you can "blow" it out. Very smart.